“Nobody’s perfect. Unless you’re me.”

—Leo the Dog

Avoid human error with Neo Payments.

Ready to take mistakes out of taking payments? Neo Payments is the only solution for Neo Software that automatically sends invoice amounts directly to your payment terminal and records them in your software. All in one click.

Benefits of Neo Payments:

  • Makes it fast and easy for clients to pay using a mobile payment device
  • Eliminates wasted time and errors of manual payment entry
  • Reduces time spent reconciling receipts by 50%, without credit card discrepancies1
  • Secures your transactions using a solution powered by CardConnect

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  • Bolt mini iconClover Mini (Ethernet or WiFi)
  • Bolt flex iconClover Flex (WiFi)
  • Process credit and debit payments
  • Provide a secure EMV-compliant solution
  • Accept Apple Pay and Google Pay